They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I think the same goes for writing books. So many people have a valuable part in helping the process along. Sure, I could do it all alone—but would the finished product be of the same quality with only one set of eyes approving the work? Not at all. 

In addition to those who contribute behind the scenes for the physical work, there are also those who contribute in other ways. Those who want to be a part of this dream by offering encouragement, direction, motivation and monetary support. I have been very blessed to have a few of these art-loving angels in my writing career; Brandon, Jason, Colleen, Franklin and Carlos. I truly appreciate you four more than words can express, and I am really looking forward to continuing our unique relationship. I absolutely cannot wait to be sending you a copy of this book that we have all been so excited about for months! Thanks guys!

I would also like to send out a very heartfelt thankyou to some of the one-time patrons who gave me a huge hand up when the quarantine of 2020 hit. You all surprised me and deeply touched my heart with such a beautiful sense of community—my eyes are tearing up even as I write these words. Maureen, Diana, Robyn and Scott, Renee and Kyle, Swede, Jason, Mike, Shawn, John, Susan, Jessica and Joe, and Grampa Hal—from the bottom of my heart, thank you! You all made such a world of difference in this little writer’s life, not only with the money that you contributed, but also with your friendship, your compassion and your belief in me and all that I do. You were there for me during an exceedingly difficult time and I will be forever grateful for your beautiful existence in this world.

“Throughout history, ideas need patrons” ~ Matt Kibbe

If you would like to be a part of my patron tribe and receive the rewards that go along with that relationship, please feel free to check out my page at Patreon.com/DavinaRush . Each tier offers a list of different monthly rewards ranging from unique, signed post cards and signed books, to Holiday boxes and video coffee dates. You can visit the page for more in depth information, no obligation. Simply click on the link above, or the photo below.

A Special Thanks

So much goes into the making of my coloring books. The writing, the illustrations, the editing, and that little extra magic—my creative tribe. I couldn't tell you about my Patreon team, above, without also mentioning these very special people who do so much behind the scenes...

My two daughters, Hailey and Melina are always part of the process from start to finish: their art critiques, our idea bouncing sessions, draft approvals, cover approvals. These two have been there for me through every single project I’ve ever done as an adult. They are the reason I began creating coloring books! I love you both so very much. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

My sister, Trish, is also a big part of my work. We spend hours on the phone bouncing ideas back and forth for my projects as well as for her own (she also designs coloring books). For this book, she’s the reason there is an “about the author” coloring page. I’d had the idea and was so excited about it, but when I started the illustration, I found it difficult and almost threw in the towel. My sister would not accept that—she pushed me to keep going, saying, “I know you can do this!” I love you sissy!

My sister from another mister, Jessica, has been my closest friend for over half of my life. We’ve been there for each other through, well—everything—including my writing career. She is always the final set of eyes to look over my finished work. This girl is a brutal editor and I love it! I can’t thank you enough for your contribution and for the kickass office hideaway that you and Joe so lovingly provided for this book. You both are priceless to me.

Jason, who has been my best friend for over 10 years. This guy puts up with all of my crazy creative ramblings and always has some of the best input on marketing and media ideas for my work. He’s been one of my biggest supporters and confidants through almost every book I’ve written. You rock!

Michael and Jessica, from The Grimm Life Collective, for being so supportive of my work and for all the fun movie nights that helped me to get through the homestretch of the illustration phase for my Haunted Doll book.

And last but certainly not least, Brandon. You have been such a driving force throughout this entire project. Your daily encouragement and excitement for the book, your selfless help in promoting my work, and the inspiration that your own book, “Vodou”, provided for one of the illustrations, has all been invaluable. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with such a kindred spirit. 

I am grateful beyond words for all of you!

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