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Haunted Dolls : the coloring book of nightmares


Most all of us have held a doll close to our heart at least once in our life; clinging to this inanimate friend as if it were absolutely real, confiding our deepest secrets in their cotton stuffed ears, falling asleep with them in our arms so full of perfect trust. However, in very rare cases, this innocent plaything has taken on a much more sinister role, spreading fear rather than joy within the household. Here, within these pages, you will read about a collection of such dolls-haunted dolls, who reportedly plagued their owners with acts of mischief, chilling voices and even physical violence. Prepare yourself. You may find the things that you are about to read quite disturbing, especially since you most likely have at least one doll somewhere in your own house right at this very moment, small beady eyes watching your every move as you read these words. If this thought terrifies you, or if you scare easily--close this book now.

Book includes 33 illustrations, along with their chilling stories.

Dolls included are: Annabelle, Robert the doll, Isle of the dolls, Letta, Okiku, Edward the teddy, Composition boy, Sar'gomos, Sally, Laci, Pupa, Mandy, Charlie, Peggy, Harold, Joliet, Ruby, Ted the clown, Shadow doll, Katja the Russian doll, Samson, The blindfolded doll of Singapore, Amanda, Emelia the Italian doll, Amelia, Zombie Voodoo doll, Apple head doll, Patty Reed's doll, The Janesville doll, The doll that aged, La Pasqualita, Atlanta's doll head trail, and a bonus "About the Author" doll.

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