What makes Davina's coloring books unique?

A few things set Davina's work apart from the mainstream market, making her books a unique and wonderful addition to any collection. Venturing away from the usual coloring book subjects, Davina begins her collection with "The Creatures of Greek Mythology", "The Creatures of Classic Horror", "The Famous Painters in Art History" and her own version of the classic "Alice in Wonderland". While the subjects of these books are less typical in the market, what really makes them stand out is the educational approach. With a great love for both art and education, Davina has accompanied her coloring pages with a few fun facts that add to your  creative experience (along with a generous filmography listing in her "Creatures of Classic Horror"). In addition to these unique features, there is one more detail that really defines her coloring books and sets them apart-- the illustration technique. While most coloring book illustrators choose to generate or manipulate their art through the use of computer graphic programs, Davina takes a different and more involved approach, hand-drawing each piece in her own artistic interpretation of the subject. She enjoys creating every detail by pen and dearly hopes that her readers appreciate the personal touch.


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The inspiration....

My first coloring book project, The "Creatures of Greek Mythology" was quite an adventure for me. While attending college I had taken a course in Mythology, where I  was greatly inspired by the assigned readings which led me to drawing Medusa for my own entertainment-- I love to draw! When my children saw the drawing, they had commented on how it looked like a coloring book page and asked if they could have one to color--  in that very moment, the wheels of my imagination began turning and my first coloring book project began. I had never even thought about creating coloring books, but I now knew exactly what I wanted to do with my writing and art. So, I started sketching each creature, inking them by hand  and doing further collective research on each mythological deity. My children, ages 9 and 10 at the time, where anxious for each character to be finished so that I could run copies that they could color. Seeing their excitement and enjoyment in my work was the fuel that kept me going on the project as it stretched out for over a year, working in the small amounts of spare time that I had. Now, many years later, I still see the impact that my book has had on them. When they recently watched the newer version for "Clash of the Titans", I heard them commenting on the characters, mentioning cool little facts that they remembered from my book! It really made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile with my work. I love knowing that they enjoyed coloring my book AND that they learned something memorable from it. Since then, I have created many more coloring books and I owe many thanks to my daughters for setting me on this path. I dedicate all my work to them!

My "Creatures of Classic Horror" coloring book began on a different note. Every year for Halloween we have a fun movie night marathon, cozied up with a few snacks and our favorite Halloween kid flicks (Halloweentown, Scary Godmother, Hocus Pocus etc.) After the girls go off to bed, I always squeeze in a few adult Halloween movies-- one of those being the 1930's version of Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff. I love that movie! While watching my favorite undead monster on the tube, I was inspired to draw a graphite portrait of him and his bride, to hang in my little gallery collection. Afterwards, I quickly decided that would be my next coloring book project! So, I immediately began working on the book, finishing it about one year later,  just in time for Halloween! 

My coloring books took a different turn with
"The Famous Painters in Art History" being the first non-creature feature. You can thank my grandma for that! My dear grandmother is always so proud of everything that I create, but she often comments "Why does all of your art have to be so dark?" -- I imagine Tim Burton heard the same thing quite often as a kid!  So, I decided that book #3 would be something she could enjoy and be proud of, and something that I dearly love-- Art.  

I hope that you will enjoy my books just as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I greatly appreciate your interest and all of the wonderful feedback. I look forward to creating many more fun and educational coloring books over the years and getting to know the people who enjoy them!   ~Davina Rush
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